• Kara Perpelitz

When it becomes a part of you in ways you did not know

This past few months have been an eye opener, in terms of the impact a 12 year span can have on ones self. 12 years living in a relatively remote village in the corner of the province on the edge of the boreal forest. It's not likely new information to anyone who's been following along all these years, but for those that are new, now you know!

Early in the year as I was rearranging my new studio space. I found my bucket of random handspun yarns, and certain yarns just ended up pulled out of the bucket before I even knew what was happening! Shortly after that, the boreal forest started to pour out of my hands and onto some needlework canvas.

The series I've titled Boreal has been selected to be shown in the Sask Craft Council's show From Scratch, taking place this summer at the SCC's gallery on Broadway Ave. in Saskatoon.

These are just two of the pieces that will be there, with more in the works as you read this.

While I'm usually Happily Spinning, right now I'm Happily stitching,


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