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February has 28 days

I fly by the seat of my pants, taking things as they come. This leaves me with little to no consistency. Of course, certain things are consistent, but my art practice is not one of those things. I tend to squirrel off and get distracted by the mundane aspects of life (like the never ending pile of laundry)

They say it takes 21 days for something to be come a habit. Folks also seem to concentrate on using a month as their timeline for trying something new. I've rarely made it past those 21 consecutive days, never mind a whole month, concentrating on one small thing to make it a habit. But I'm nothing if I'm not persistent. So I'll try again. For the seventy billionth time.

February has 28 days. 7 more than the 21 required. And 2-3 less than a full month.

28 days is not a lot of days.

28 days is a reasonable amount of time to try to do something specific every day.

So, 28 days of 15 minute makes. I will set a timer, I will make something in those 15 minutes. Little explorations of technique, material, form. Maybe it'll be a little needle felt. Maybe some stitching. Maybe some spinning. Maybe something not even in the fibre arts category. Of course, fibre arts are not a fast craft, so it will be interesting to see if I can even make a something in 15 minutes. I'm sure if it takes me 2+ sessions the world will not implode. I'll still be making. And maybe on days where I'm not as busy, I'll make for a little longer. The end goal is to have 28 unique items. Just little somethings to remind me I can. Wish me luck.

Happily Spinning,


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