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It's easy to bloom where you're planted if the soil is fertile, and your roots do not need to stretch great distances for sustenance.

In the summer (2019) we moved from Goodsoil (ironically named in this case) to Saskatoon. Our reasons were many but one reason, above the others, was opportunity. When you are so far removed from the greater population, the opportunities are scarce, and you have to travel frequently and often great distances to take advantage of the few that check off enough of the boxes on the rather long list of how to make the opportunity viable and not costly.

In the 2 months we have been in Saskatoon, opportunity has knocked and knocked again. I've gone and "pounded the pavement" more than once, and have multiple opportunities ahead of me to choose from. One I'm relatively excited about is the Community Arts and Artisanship Program offered at the University of Saskatchewan. Yes, more education, but one is never truly done learning, right? There was an open house this past Friday, and I was able to talk to many artist who are already on the path I'd love to follow as well. I have connections now that would not have occurred had we not decided to relocate.

I've also become a member of AKA Artist Run Gallery, and now have access to a fantastic library, as well as access to event space. Oh the things I can do with all that! There's also the chance next summer to use the gallery space as a launch pad for an idea of been sitting on for years. Hopefully I can work through my trepidations and make it happen!

A few other fantastic opportunities I've had - being able to place my fibres on the shelves of The Wool Emporium, and making a contact at the Creative Haven and lining up two felting classes for October and November!

I'm also going to be moonlighting as an aesthetician for the foreseeable future, mostly just until all these balls begin to roll quickly. I'll probably stick with it for quite a while, as it's enjoyable work! Back to the grind of mani, pedi, wax, repeat! lol Come see me at Definitely You Spa, if you need those services! Opportunity. It's plenty in the big city. I can bloom fully here.

Still Happily Spinning,


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