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Bloom Where you're Planted

---This post was originally published in 2018--- Obstacles.  Everyone has them.  You can just sit there, and lament how you have them, or you can choose to do something about it, and live out your dreams and goals despite (or in spite of) them. 

My personal dreams and goals include creating on a daily basis. They include becoming known for my creations and for my knowledge. I'm working towards these every day.  But one big obstacle I face is distance.  Distance from other like-minded individuals.  Distance from places I could be selling my goods. Distance from opportunity to grow in person connections and in person communities.  This distance has a way of keeping me in the mind set that "if I were just a bit closer, everything would be better."  However, today, I'm going to start to ignore my distance from "everything".  Truly in todays world distance is irrelevant, due to the internet and telecommunications.  There's no reason for this obstacle to be an obstacle.  

Bloom where you're planted.  I happen to be planted on the edge of civilization (at least it very much feels like the edge) That should not stop me from blooming.

Do you have obstacles, and what are they?  How are you planning to overcome them?

Happily Spinning, 


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